Jennifer Wee

Being an overseas investor, I am not familiar with the UK law and many of the administrative matters. In the past years I’ve faced with some issues and I’m glad that I’ve got the chance to receive professional and useful advice from Helen. Helen has been very helpful and prompt in all replies. I would highly recommend her services.


Helen has saved us a lot of trouble and money!

We were in the process of buying our first investment property, but something didn’t feel right about the proposal.
I then contacted Helen and asked her to have a look at the proposed deal, and let us know if she has any insights into the landlord/developer. Within 2-3 days, Helen came back to us with a really comprehensive report and pre-investment analysis. Helen involved a number of her contacts who had local knowledge and actually knew of the particular property. We had a long telephone conversation where Helen went through all the findings and her advice to us.

Needless to say, Helen has saved us a lot of money and trouble. Helen’s fees are very reasonable, especially when you compare it to the cost of the property, so actually, Helen’s pre-investment analysis was a bargain!
We are working now with a number of Helen’s contacts and have managed to find a much better property. If and when we are looking to buy our next property, we will definitely come back to Helen to ask for her advice.

My message to any (newbie) property investor, don’t spend any money before you have spoken to Helen.

James Standage

Helen and the team at Like Clockwork have been amazing. They are proactive, professional, punctual, thorough (very!!). We really thought we were at a dead end with our property, but Helen was able to quickly assess the situation and find a solution to our problem. We are extremely happy with how Like Clockwork have dealt with our case and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Liz Purser

Helen and the Like-Clockwork team inspire confidence from the outset and her commitment to clients is outstanding. They achieve professional solutions for even the most challenging of property problems, patiently, efficiently and with integrity. Over the years she has resolved several difficult issues for me. I trust her completely and cannot thank her enough for her ability and determination to turn a property nightmare into a manageable situation.

Benjamin Beck

I engaged with Like Clockwork services when selling my flat up North.

Due to my working situation it was incredibly difficult to sort it out myself. Helen and the team took over the process, with a letter of authority, absolutely everything was handled. All the legalities neatly explained. The invoices was accompanied by a document with full breakdown of time spent and on what task.

I cannot recommend Like Clockwork enough. It allowed me to focus on my job knowing she had everything under control!

Ong ET

As an overseas owner of an apartment in Crete, the expertise of Helen is very much appreciated. My knowledge of the market and processes to disposing my unit is very negligible.

I find Helen to be very responsive AND RESPONSIBLE in guiding me through the sales process as well as explaining the various channels and options to selling my unit.

Helen is also great in tailoring the sale to fit my situation to move the sale forward. I have made huge savings from using her services and expertise.

I would highly recommend Helen to landlords to manage their properties; be it rental or sale. She is a gem.

I will definitely engage her in all my future property investment in UK.


Helpful, professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. Sorted out my problem in a very short time frame. Highly recommend.
Phoned be back within 10 minutes and all my emails were answered quickly and the responses were so helpful.
Thanks again.

Lee Hall

Professional, prompt, comprehensive and powerful service.
I’m so glad I found Like-Clockwork when I did: Helen and her team have already become a vital part in the day to day running of my business. They certainly have your back covered at every turn, I’m very proud to have them on my side now and in the future!


I have used to the services of Like-Clockwork for a number of years to manage a few overseas properties – a couple of which proved challenging and complex. I have found them knowledgeable, efficient and vital as part of managing and ultimately selling these properties.


I want to thank the management of Like-Clockwork for the excellent and prompt service I received during the sale of my unit. Your knowledge, experience, and quick response is highly appreciated. You are not only doing the work in professional manner but you explain each and every small details to the entire satisfaction of your client. Your line of contacts with the senior management of other firms and your approaching style is the way of your success forcing them to pay you respect and appreciation. I must say I’m lucky to work with two wonderful respected ladies who know their job very well.
Well Done Ladies and keep up the good work.


May I take this opportunity to thank you and Helen for all your help. Whilst it is a shame we were not able to achieve a better price, this was down to outside factors and not a reflection on the experience, knowledge and professionalism of Like-Clockwork.
I was kept fully updated on the sale of my property throughout the process. It was particularly helpful to receive clear, step-by-step instructions on what was required from me when various forms needed completing and signing.
Thank you again for providing a professional yet friendly and straightforward service.


Thanks for helping to get the proper letting agent and finally the tenant for my unit. I’m sure without your assistance, we won’t be at where we are now.


I have been able to rely completely on Like-Clockwork to manage a number of very challenging properties with integrity and diplomacy in the most difficult of circumstances. Without their expertise, patience and calm efficiency the situation would have been overwhelming, and their ability to liaise with many different professionals has been invaluable.

Neil Alphonso

Like-Clockwork Ltd offer a great service to anyone in the property business and most importantly they can be trusted to deliver and not rip you off. Would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone in property.

Michael Crocker

I was so glad I had Helen and the Like-Clockwork team on board for the sale of my Slovak apartment. It gave great peace of mind knowing I could rely on her expertise and took a lot of the stress out of it for me. I would recommend her services to anyone.

John McKenna

Helen is a detailed orientated manager of our property company and is very efficient and organised. She has revolutionised the management of our property investments and turned around the profitability of our portfolio.

Mark Farrell

Like-Clockwork is without a doubt one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with. In terms of knowledge, efficiency, professionalism and integrity, Helen cannot be faulted. If you are looking to take the hassle factor out of certain areas of your life, I would strongly urge you to take a look at Clockwork’s services.

Steve Harrington
Web Matters

Like-Clockwork have provided their services to me for over 4 years. They have saved me so much time and money that were it not for their help, I have literally no idea how I would have completed any of my property purchases and subsequent sales. During that time they have been extremely responsive, informative, insightful and tough when required. I have recommended their services on several occasions and will continue to do so

David H. K. Morgan

I was really lucky to discover the existence of Like-Clockwork, quite by chance, a godsend at a time when I was feeling bogged down by the endless bureaucratic trivia associated with purchasing an apartment in Warsaw.
From that time forward Helen Eade of Like-Clockwork took a huge burden from my shoulders, using her existing contacts in the UK and abroad to resolve difficulties which to me had seemed hitherto almost insurmountable.
Her time is recorded exactly down to the last minute, so there is none of the broad estimates that most people in the property business seem to base their often inflated) charges on.
I found Helen a very positive, pleasant and happy person to deal with, and she has at the same time a matter-of-fact, no-nonsense approach which reassures. I am sure that all who have dealings with her share this very positive experience.
I can certainly give her my heartiest and most confident recommendation.

M Jackson

What few property investment companies tell you when selling you that ‘unbeatable’ investment is the amount of time, energy and paperwork involved. I was literally drowning under the torrent of administration needed to purchase and manage my portfolio. Thank heavens for Like-Clockwork! With their cool, calm and knowledgeable approach, excellent local knowledge and unbiased advice I now feel that I am controlling my investments rather than them controlling me! Brilliant!