Are you a letting agent?
No, we act as the property investor’s proxy – we would source the best letting agent available for our client’s properties, and monitor the service they provide.

Do you buy and sell property?
No, we don’t buy or sell property. However, we will source the agent, and oversee the process, on behalf of our client.

Do you take introducer’s fees, commissions or cuts?
No, our time is charged directly to our clients. No commissions, cuts, introducer’s fees or kickbacks. This allows us to remain entirely independent and impartial; we always have our client’s best interests at heart.

Is there a minimum or maximum period we have to use Like-Clockwork’s service for?
No. There’s no contracted period binding you/the client to a specific number of hours, weeks or months. The service is there as and when you need it, in agreement with Like-Clockwork.

Do you work from our office, or your own?
We provide the service to our clients remotely, from our own offices. There’s no need for us to visit your premises, although face to face meetings can be arranged, if necessary or required.

Do we have to provide your office equipment, cover your holiday pay, tax or national insurance?
No. We take care of all of this – it’s our responsibility, not the responsibility of our clients.

How are your fees calculated?
We agree an hourly rate with our client, appropriate to the level of the tasks the client requires doing. We can also agree a limit to the number of hours we’ll work per day, week, or month. This ensures the client can stay within budget. All work is recorded on our time-tracking system, then invoiced to the client at the month end.

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