Introducing our invaluable independent and impartial pre-purchase evaluation!

Many of the problems we encounter with our clients’ property investments were avoidable. Impartially evaluating a purchase before committing to it, getting the right service providers in place, and monitoring every aspect closely and regularly, are all essential for a successful property investment.

When purchasing a property as a buy to let investment, an investor should be aware that the sale person’s motivation is the commission they’ll receive upon a successful transaction. The sales person is unlikely to point out the downsides to the investor; it’s the investor’s responsibility to identify and consider these. Trying to exit a bad property investment can be extremely difficult, and very costly. Far better, and cheaper, to do the due diligence before committing. Providing you know what to look for and what questions to ask.

Like-Clockwork Ltd provides a common-sense assessment and evaluation of a potential property investment…before an investor commits or pays a deposit. It makes very good sense to incur a small cost for an evaluation, than to lose thousands on a cash flow negative property, or by purchasing a property priced way over its real value (those big sales commissions have to be paid for somehow). Our clients rely on us to do this for them, using our business expertise and our extensive experience of the BTL sector.

Our impartiality is key; we have nothing to gain, or lose, with an honest evaluation of a property investment. We have no motivation other than to do the right thing by our client. Loyalty to our client is our top priority.