Case Studies

Case study one: Mr M.

As a property investor, Mr M. was adding to his property portfolio on a regular basis. After three years, there were 12 properties in the portfolio, spread across seven countries.

Being the CEO of a multi-national corporation left him very little time to address the frequent queries on each property, select the most effective letting agents, review cashflow, and so on.

Over time, the portfolio became more unprofitable and more time-consuming to oversee. Mr M.’s leisure time became consumed with fire-fighting the problems that week created by lack of attention, and time spent on the portfolio. Recognising the signs that the portfolio was suffering, Mr M. turned to Like-Clockwork Ltd for help.

LCL’s first task was to gather all the information about the properties – the history from purchase to current date, the letting or managing agents involved, the mortgage details (where relevant), the preferred or planned exit strategy on each property, and any specific issues or concerns.

Using a Letter of Authority from Mr M., LCL took over as first point of contact on all properties, with all agents, brokers and service providers. LCL assessed the status with each property, identifying points for action. These were acted upon by LCL, with regular reports being sent to Mr M. along with any queries for him where necessary.

Cashflow forecasts were created for each property and for the portfolio as a whole. Poorly performing service providers were replaced with carefully selected alternatives, then monitored by LCL.

At the point where LCL were satisfied that the portfolio was running smoothly, and as a profitably as possible, Mr M. was asked to make a decision – whether to take over the management of the portfolio himself again, or whether to retain LCL as the portfolio managers.

Mr M. opted to retain LCL’s services, resulting in a well-managed and profitable property portfolio, with minimal effort on his part.

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